Unveiling Mathematical Mastery: The Khaitan School’s Inter-House Mental Math Quiz Triumph

In a display of sheer mathematical prowess and intellectual agility, the Middle Wing of The Khaitan School recently hosted the much-anticipated Inter-House Mental Math Quiz. This exhilarating event witnessed enthusiastic participation from all four houses, where students showcased their quick thinking and problem-solving abilities in the challenging world of mental mathematics.

Event Dynamics

The event was structured to challenge the participants at every turn, comprising three rounds that delved into the depths of mental math. Each of the four houses in the middle wing formed a team of three students, one representative from each grade, forming a trio of mathematical excellence.

Rounds Overview:

1. Rounds 1 & 2: The Dual Challenge

  • Divided into two sub-rounds each, these rounds threw a diverse range of mental math problems at the participants. Students had to rely on their quick thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate through the challenges, showcasing their mathematical acumen.

2. Round 3: The Ultimate Test


  • The final round aimed to push participants to their limits, incorporating an array of diverse mathematical challenges. This round was designed to discern not only mathematical knowledge but also strategic thinking and adaptability.

Celebrating Excellence

The culmination of the Inter-House Mental Math Quiz brought forth the outstanding performances of the participating houses, with each team demonstrating remarkable mathematical abilities. The winners were decided based on their cumulative performance across all rounds.



  • First Place: Shiwalik House (Team Pro – Tractors)

    • This team exhibited exceptional mathematical acumen throughout all rounds, showcasing a solid understanding of mental math principles.

  • Second Place: Meghalaya House (Team Math Angles)

    • Demonstrating consistent performance, this house secured the second position with adept problem-solving skills.

  • Third Place: Nilgiri House (Team Number Ninjas)

    • Displaying commendable effort and resilience, this team earned the third position in the competition.

  • Fourth Place: Aravalli House (Team Alge – Bros)

    • Showcasing resilience and a commitment to mathematical excellence, this team secured the fourth position in the competition.

Fostering Healthy Competition


The Inter-House Mental Math Quiz not only unveiled the mathematical prowess of the participants but also nurtured a spirit of healthy competition among the houses. Beyond the pursuit of academic excellence, the event served as a platform for students to showcase their mental agility and strategic thinking in the realm of mathematics.

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