Upholding Ethical Values: Commemoration of the Vigilance Week Prize Distribution Ceremony


In a solemn ceremony marked by awareness and integrity, The Khaitan School celebrated the Vigilance Week Prize Distribution on December 6, 2023. The event, held to mark Vigilance Day, resonated with the spirit of promoting transparency and ethical conduct, emphasizing the crucial role of vigilance in our society.

Every year, the last week of October is observed as Vigilance Awareness Week, dedicated to increasing public awareness of corruption’s existence, causes, severity, and its threat to society. This year, from October 30 to November 5, The Khaitan School actively participated in the Central Vigilance Commission’s Vigilance Awareness Week under the theme “Say No to Corruption; Commit to the Nation.”

The commemoration began with the lighting of the lamp of knowledge, accompanied by a Vedic Mantra performed by the school choir. Distinguished guests from the Indian Oil Corporation graced the occasion, including Mr. Prem Kumar, Chief General Manager IOCL (Vigilance Department), Mr. Vikas Dua, General Manager (Vigilance Department) IOCL, Mr. Atul Naithani, Deputy General Manager (Employee Services Department), IOCL, and Mr. Sanjay Narang, Chief Manager (Employee Services Department), IOCL. The ceremony was also attended by Col. Jaysheel Kaushal (CEO), Mr. Sajeev Philip (Principal), Ms. Pooja Singh (HOMS), Ms. Seema Khurana (HOJS), Ms. Neeta Mohla (Head of ECCE), and Ms. Rashi, an esteemed ex-student of the school.

Throughout the Vigilance Week, various events and activities were organized to underscore the importance of preventing corruption and fostering a culture of accountability within the community. Participants actively engaged in discussions, presentations, and awareness campaigns, collectively contributing to the promotion of vigilance values.

A highlight of the ceremony was the recognition and awarding of participants who excelled in the various competitions held during the Vigilance Week. The awards acknowledged their efforts in actively contributing to the cause and promoting a vigilant and ethical atmosphere within the school community.

An impactful musical performance underscored the theme of responsibility and commitment to the nation. Mr. Sajeev Philip, Principal, and Mr. Prem Kumar, Chief General Manager IOCL (Vigilance Department), shared motivational words, emphasizing the importance of individual and collective responsibility in upholding ethical standards.

The celebration served as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility in maintaining vigilance in our actions. The Khaitan School’s active participation in Vigilance Awareness Week not only reflects its commitment to instilling ethical values in its students but also sets an example for fostering a culture of integrity and accountability within the larger community.


As the ceremony concluded, the echoes of the Vedic Mantra and the motivational words lingered, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of all present—a call to say no to corruption and commit to a nation guided by principles of vigilance and ethical conduct.

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