VIGYANTHON 2023: Igniting Scientific Curiosity


On the 29th of December, The Khaitan School played host to VIGYANTHON 2023, a spectacular science exhibition that brought together the brilliance and innovation of its students. Inaugurated by the esteemed Principal, Mr. Sajeev Philip, the event served as a platform for young minds to showcase their scientific knowledge and skills. The primary objective of this annual exhibition was to inculcate a love for science, foster scientific curiosity, and encourage students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world problems.

The students exhibited a remarkable level of enthusiasm as they presented new and innovative ideas through a myriad of models and activities. VIGYANTHON became a melting pot of scientific exploration, enriching the students’ knowledge and fostering a deeper inclination towards learning science. The event not only showcased their creativity but also allowed them to explore basic scientific concepts and develop values that contribute to creating a healthier environment in society.

As part of the exhibition, students were encouraged to ask questions that addressed their curiosity, promoting a more scientific attitude towards life’s problems and challenges. This interactive approach helped them apply their classroom knowledge, enhancing their scientific temperament and developing a genuine taste for learning.

Highlights from the Chemistry Department:


The Chemistry Department exhibited a range of intriguing models and experiments, including:



Cold drinks analysis

Toothpaste analysis

Caffeine amount in tea samples

Pollution control apparatus

Flame colors

Iodine clock

Multimeter to detect electrolytes present in fruit juices


Biodegradable plastic


Highlights from the Physics Department:


The Physics Department showcased an array of captivating models and experiments, featuring:


Smart Bridge

Heartician (Portable ECG sensor)

Automatic RC car



Piezo Dance Stage

Reflection of Sound

Deflection of Light

Magnetic field effect

Water fountain

Laser security system

Anti Gravity

Hydraulic Brake

Water Harvesting

Chandrayaan 3

Earthquake Alarm

Automatic plant watering system

Gauss Rifle

Wireless Power Transmission

Smoke Absorber

Highlights from the Biology Department:


The Biology Department showcased an impressive array of projects, including:


Ayurvedic and mudra therapy

Liquid tree or liquid 3

Blood leukemia and ventilator project

Naturopathy and intervention of herbal medicine

Robot: autonomous robot for clearing rivers and graft rejection

Ear and brain model

Sinusitis, hormones, and graft rejection


Hologram model


VIGYANTHON 2023 was not just an exhibition; it was a celebration of scientific curiosity, creativity, and innovation. The Khaitan School, through this event, demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the scientific spirit in its students. The collaborative efforts of students, teachers, and the school administration made VIGYANTHON a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the scientific landscape of the school and inspiring future generations of young scientists.

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