Visit to Biodiversity Park and Medicinal Park- Exploring Nature


National Science Day falls on 28th February. On February 24, The Khaitan School organised a class V excursion to the Biodiversity and Medicinal park to honour this day and foster a culture of inquiry among the students. With much fervour and enthusiasm, 244 kids and 16 teachers visited the park.

Students attempted a pre-visit document in which they described the visit’s goals, their expectations, and the park’s rules. To pique their interest, teachers also showed the class a film on the Biodiversity Park and the Medicinal Park. During their visit, the students were instructed to take note of significant information about medicinal plants.


Students were made aware of the significance and value of biodiversity. They gained knowledge of several medicinal plants that can be used in daily life to treat a variety of illnesses. During their visit, students also attempted a worksheet on medicinal plants.


After leaving the parks, students completed a post-visit document where they listed key points learned and whether or not their expectations were realized. The students’ curiosity was sated by the excursion. The pupils’ research and observational skills were also improved by the trip.


Overall, the study visit was instructive and insightful and inspired students to explore more about Ayurveda and medicinal herbs.

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