The Khaitan School, Noida organized a workshop on “PARENTING DURING COVID TIMES” on 25th August 2020. Mr. Sushant Kalra, Director of ‘Parwarish Care Foundation’ conducted the workshop. 

Mr. Kalra motivated the parents to brainstorm the current pandemic situation and the effect it is creating on our relations with the family members – spouse, children, in- laws etc. Parents shared that the COVID period has already led to mixed emotions like gratitude, happiness due to quality time with family members, touched with a lot of frustration, anger, disrespect and stressed too. The speaker made the parents see that the children are also going through lots of emotional issues. 

The workshop further brought to the fore the balanced ways to deal with our kids’ tantrums by acknowledging their feelings, ignoring the tantrums but never the child, and also by providing emotional warmth to them in form of hugs. Parents agreed that they wish their children to grow as happy, healthy, successful and secure individuals. It was an interactive session. 

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