Win on Wheels: The Khaitan School Shines at Inter School Skating Championship

The 25th of August 2023 marked a remarkable day in the annals of The Khaitan School as our students clinched a total of 13 medals in Inter School Skating competition. Salvation Tree School played host to the eagerly awaited Inter School Skating Championship. With 22 talented participants representing our school in various categories of skating, the event was destined to be an unforgettable one. The day unfolded as a testament to passion, determination, and skill.


Guided by dedicated coaches and trainers who have been instrumental in shaping their prowess, our young skaters exhibited an incredible level of enthusiasm and confidence. For many of them, this championship marked their inaugural experience at an inter-school skating competition, and they embraced the challenge with open arms.

The results achieved by our participants were nothing short of spectacular, and they brought home a total of 13 medals, signifying their exceptional abilities and unwavering efforts. The breakdown of these remarkable achievements is as follows:

  • Gold Medals: 3 participants

  • Silver Medals: 7 participants

  • Bronze Medals: 3 participants


This triumphant performance is a reflection of the dedication, perseverance, and skill exhibited by our skaters. It also underscores the outstanding coaching and support provided by the school, which has nurtured and honed their talents to perfection.

The atmosphere at the championship was nothing short of electric. Our students entered the competition arena with vigor and determination, pushing the boundaries of their capabilities and showcasing their skating prowess. The spirit of healthy competition and the thrill of performing on a larger stage were palpable throughout the event.


The entire school community swells with pride and joy at the accomplishments of our young skaters. We extend our heartfelt congratulations not only to the participants but also to their coaches, whose guidance has been instrumental in reaching this pinnacle of success. Their dedication and sportsmanship have set an exemplary standard for future competitions, igniting our anticipation of their continued growth and success in the world of skating.

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