Workshop on Aipan Art and Kangra Miniature Painting

On March 23, 2023, the Indira Gandhi National Center of Arts hosted a workshop on Aipan art and Kangra painting for primary, middle, and high school art instructors.


Kangra painting, so named after the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh, is a pictorial painting of Kangra. As the name implies, pahari paintings were created in hilly areas of India. It rose to prominence as the most significant hub for Pahari painting under the patronage of Maharaja Sansaar Chand. The verdant greenery that is depicted in the Kangra picture is one of its most stunning features. Naturalistic aesthetic with meticulous attention to detail. The portrayed foliage is extensive and diverse. This is made clear by the use of several colours of green. Female charm is depicted in Kangra paintings in a very beautiful manner.


Soft and elegant facial characteristics are present. The colours used by Kangra painters are produced from vegetable and mineral extracts. The various Indian seasons, or “Bara maasa,” are also depicted in Kangra paintings. This art, which is currently in danger of extinction, is being promoted by the Kangra Arts Promotion Society in the Himachal Pradesh town of Dharamshala. They organize workshops where genuine Kangra paintings are created using only mineral and vegetable dyes on antique handmade paper.

Ms. Poonam Katoch led this workshop, which was attended by all art educators. They learned a lot from the Workshop and obtained a comprehensive understanding of the Kangra artwork. Ms. Poonam patiently described the method and walked them through the procedure.


She also demonstrated the unique brush kinds, mineral-made paints, and organic, plant-based colours used in the painting.


The entire Art team learned a lot from the experience.

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