Workshop on Gender Sensitization

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A workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ was conducted on 9th and 10th for boys and girls  respectively  of class V by the school counselor  Ms. Pooja  Ahuja. The session started with an introductory note on the purpose of the workshop and explanation of the term ‘sensitization’. Sensitization is the effort to change attitudes, behaviour and reponses towards a particular issue or concern.Ms Ahuja spoke about the Ws (what, when ,where and why)of Gender Sensitization and highlighted the code of behaviour and protocol to be followed. She emphasized on the fact that gender sensitivity applies to both the genders and one must learn to respect each other. The students were also made aware about the good touch and bad touch and a video was shown based on the same. The workshop was concluded with a question and answer session between Ms.Ahuja and the students.

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