Workshop on ‘Theatre in Education’ for Teachers

The Khaitan School in Noida, India, recently hosted a captivating Theatre in Education workshop on May 23rd, 2023. The workshop took place in the school’s theatre room and was conducted by the esteemed Mr. P.B. Somesh. It aimed to provide valuable insights and understanding of Theatre in Education to the scholastic teachers of grades III to V.


Theatre is not limited to those pursuing a career in performing arts; it holds significance for individuals in all professions. This is because, at some point in our lives, we find ourselves in situations where we need to explain something, listen attentively, and effectively communicate our message while considering the needs of our audience. Few activities teach these skills better than stage performances.

Workshop on Theatre in Education


During the workshop, Mr. P.B. Somesh eloquently categorized drama into three distinct forms: Theatre in Education, Children’s Theatre, and Drama in Education. The focus was on developing essential skills and providing an excellent opportunity for participants to learn how to be actors and how to interact effectively as teachers, role models, parents, or participants in any facet of life. These skills are not typically cultivated in our day-to-day lives. In addition to enhancing social skills, theatre was utilized to foster other educational characteristics such as knowledge acquisition, inquiry and problem-solving, communication, values and goal-setting. Moreover, it proved to be indispensable in promoting teamwork and bonding among the participants. Undoubtedly, this diverse group had a memorable and enjoyable time engaging in this team sport, filled with laughter and good times.

Workshop on Theatre in Education


Mr. Somesh ensured that the workshop remained engaging and spellbinding throughout, avoiding any monotony. Instead of relying solely on lectures, he chose a hands-on activity-based approach, transforming the teachers into theatre artists for a few hours. The session commenced with a simple activity in which the teachers were instructed to roam freely, greeting and smiling at everyone they encountered. After a minute of practicing this exercise, they were asked to incorporate facial expressions and wave hello to passersby. This activity aimed to demonstrate how our actions and demeanor can influence those around us, particularly children in a school environment. Mr. P.B. Somesh emphasized the significance of expressions and how children can modify their attitudes based on the expressions exhibited by their teachers.

Workshop on Theatre in Education

The workshop proceeded with another captivating activity. Mr. Somesh divided the teachers into groups and assigned different situations to each group. Their task was to act out the given situations. Some of the scenarios included a family scene in which the parents were not at home, a classroom scene in the absence of the teacher, a family scene where children were arguing with their parents to go out, a fish market scene, and a family scene where parents were going to a party while the children had an exam the following day. The main objective of these activities was to illustrate how different characters can respond to a variety of situations.


As Mr. Somesh beautifully stated during the workshop, “Being patient with children and maintaining a gentle smile while dealing with situations within the school premises is of utmost significance.” His words highlighted the importance of creating a positive and nurturing environment for children, where their teachers serve as role models, guiding them through various challenges.


Workshop on Theatre in Education

Overall, the Theatre in Education workshop held at The Khaitan School was a resounding success. It provided an enriching experience for the scholastic teachers, equipping them with new skills and perspectives on incorporating theatre techniques into their teaching methods. The workshop served as a reminder of the transformative power of theatre in education, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, empathy, and creativity in the classroom. With the valuable insights gained from this workshop, the teachers at The Khaitan School are now better equipped to engage and inspire their students through the magic of theatre.

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