Workshop on Vedic Mathematics Class –IV


Vedic Maths is an excellent tool for developing interest in numbers and making calculations fun. 

Our school organized a workshop on Vedic Mathematics for students of class IV on 4th February 2020 in the auditorium. The resource person for the session was Ms Monisha Gupta from Orient Black Swan,  who is an active associate of Vedic Maths. She shared the brilliance of Vedic mathematics and taught a few tricks to the students especially to count the number of triangles in a given triangle and in a square. She also shared some quick methods to find the square of a number and quick division by 5, 25 and 125.

The workshop offered ingenious and interesting ways to teach and learn mathematics. The students showed great enthusiasm while learning the various strategies and even tried some during the session. The resource person provided enough time to the curious ones to ask their queries related to the tricks. Students showed keen interest in the knowledge imparted by Ms Monisha Gupta and participated in the workshop with zeal and interest.

MATHS CO-ORDINATOR                                   H.M.

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