World Environment Day

Ruchika Bullero XI D

World Environment Day 2020 calls for urgent actions to protect Biodiversity which describes the variety of life of flora and fauna on our mother planet. To commemorate this day a painting competition with a theme “Biodiversity – A concern that is both urgent and existential” was organised for the students of the middle and senior wing. 

Under the present circumstances of lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic, students made the painting and submitted them online within the two categories.

Three best entries of each category are being mentioned below:

Category 1 

  1.  Tanishi Jha (VI D)
  2.  Evleen Kaur ( VI A)
  3.  Bhriti Durgapal ( VI B) 

Category 2

  1. Snigdha Choudhury (X-D)
  2. Ruchika Bulerro (XI-D)
  3. Tamanna Datta (XI-D)

The above-mentioned creatives of the respective students are being attached with the report.

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