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Bus Safety

TKS ensures a safe and secure environment for 3700+ students, currently using transportation facility (Air-conditioned buses) offered by the school.

Ensuring Proper Driver Conduct

All drivers are regularly briefed about Road Safety rules. To ensure that no driver or conductor is under the influence of alcohol, they undergo breathalyzer checks.

Digital Bus Attendance

All children punch their ID card (RFID) in the bus at the time of boarding and deboarding, which helps parents track their child’s bus journey.

Dispersal Drill

At the time of dispersal, Safety and Security IN charge, Transport IN charge, Admin Officer and Sports Staff, all together ensure that the students safely board their respective buses.

Route Audit

Bus routes safety audit is conducted regularly by the school administration/ management to mark out and resolve the obstacles and difficulties faced by the students

Emergency Contact Numbers

Are displayed in all buses and at the school reception, need in case of emergency

Female Guards

01 female security guard and 01 maid per bus are deputed to ensure a safe bus journey for children, especially the youngest ones. They also help children board/deboard the bus safely and maintain proper conduct in the bus. Additionally, the female guards helps check the driver doesn’t drive rash or allows unauthorised passenger on the bus.


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