Belonging to the Marwari community, the Khaitan family originated from the village of Ramgarh in Rajasthan and were inspired and invigorated by education and academicians, setting milestones and benchmarks for our people.

    • In the late 1800’s, member’s of the Khaitan family were the first male and female individuals from the Marwari community to have passed the Matriculation examination.
    • Shri. Kali Prasad Khaitan was the first Marwari to qualify as a Barrister and moved on to becoming the Advocate General of West Bengal.
  • Shri. Devi Prasad Khaitan was part of the 7-member Drafting Committee that drafted the Constitution of India under the leadership of Shri. B.R. Ambedkar.

Our founder, Shri. G.N Khaitan had the honour and privilege of interacting with great leaders of India such as Gandhi ji and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on many occasions. His influence of serving the nation came directly from those who literally lay down their lives for the country as he too served in the freedom struggle for India’s independence alongside these luminaries. He believed that ‘It is the right of every child, boy or girl, to enjoy quality education that would enable them to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams’.

Smt. & Shri. G.N Khaitan founded their first CBSE school, the B.D.M International School in Kolkata in 1964 which today has a strength of over 7,000 students. Thereafter, they went on to establishing Sunny Preparatory School (Kolkata) and various schools in Delhi NCR such as The Khaitan School (Noida), Khaitan Public School (Ghaziabad) and Radico Welfare Centre (New Delhi – a school for underprivileged children).

The Khaitan School was established in 1995 and under the guidance of our founder, we started operations in just 100 days with a handful of enrolments which today, has grown to over 3600 students, over 200 staff members and an alumni network of more than 1400 accomplished individuals. Over this period, we have upheld the vision of our founder to offer an international school experience at an affordable price point, imparting holistic education that prepares a confident, well rounded and well informed global citizen.

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